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The access or use of this website is governed by the "Terms and Conditions" described below and between the users or customers of this website and ZADEZA S.A.C. to which will be denominated hereafter also indistinctly as 'Sachawild' or 'Sachawild'.

The www.sachawild.com merchant site is the sole property of ZADEZA S.A.C. which reserves the right to modify the present general terms and conditions of sale without prior notice.

These Terms and Conditions come into force on the date of the user registration or confirmation of the order. The user or customer declares that they have full legal capacity to accept the present general Terms and Conditions.

Any order for a product appearing on the www.sachawild.com online store requires prior consultation and acceptance of these Terms and Conditions. For this reason, we recommend that you review the 'Terms and Conditions' section each time you use this website www.sachawild.com.

Consequently, the consumer fully accepts that their agreement on the content of these conditions does not require the signature of this document insofar as the customer wishes to order the products presented online in the www.sachawild.com web site. The consumer has the option to save or print these general conditions, with the saving and printing of this document being the sole responsibility of the consumer.

For misunderstandings, distortments, delays or incomplete messages or orders by reason of using the internet or any type of communication between the customer and Sachawild, Sachawild will not be responsible. Sachawild has the right to nullify the agreement in case of superior power without any judicial intervention and without any possibility to make claims against Sachawild.

Sachawild has a registered warehouse and compliance with the Peruvian Government laws and requirements in order to buy and export insects legally. 

1 User Register

In order to buy products on www.sachawild.com you could do it as a guess user or registered user. The registration of each user will be verified completing and subscribing the form that appears in the Sachawild website as "Login".

2 User Password

The registered user will have a name and a password or definitive password that will allow him to have a personalized, confidential and secure access to the website www.sachawild.com.

The registered user will have the possibility to change the password following the established  procedure shows in the website. The user assumes full responsibility for maintaining the confidentiality of his password which allows him to make purchases and obtain information, offers or vouchers.

This password is for personal use and its delivery to third parties by the user does not involve Sachawild liability.

3 User Rights

The user will enjoy all rights recognized by the Peruvian consumer protection legislation in addition to those granted in this Terms and Conditions. The user will have the rights of: information, rectification, updating, elimination or cancellation of his personal data registered on this website when he deems it convenient.

4 Contractual Documents

This contract consists of the following contractual documents, presented in descending order:

  • The present Terms and Conditions
  • The Security and Privacy Policy
  • The Order Form

In case of conflict between the provisions contained in the documents of different ranks, the provisions of the document of higher rank will prevail.

5 Order Completed Confirmation

The order confirmation and the invoice will be sent via e-mail to the customer at the time of the online purchase confirmation.

6 Buyer Protection Period

Defined as seven (07) calendar days of the delivered date after that Sachawild will automatically consider that the order has been satisfactory delivered without the customer option to make any claim or dispute.

7 Proof of Transaction

The records stored in Sachawild's computer systems under conditions of reasonable safety, will be considered proof of communication, orders and payments between the two parties. The filing of purchase orders and invoices is done on a reliable and durable media which can be produced as evidence. Sachawild can in no way be held liable for any loss of data following an incident in which they are not responsible.

8 Specimen Information

8.1 Specimen Description

All insects offered are dead, dried and guaranteed quality, not mounted or spread unless it is clearly indicated. All insects offered are legally trade and acquired from farmers or collectors and stored in our authorized facility. The Peruvian Government and its regional units are all responsible for the management and care of the peruvian wildlife and to encourage ecologically healthy practices to ensure especies survival and a renewable resources.

Sachawild displays neotropical insects for sale on their website www.sachawild.com with the necessary characteristics to allow the potential consumer to discover, before ordering, any essential information on a particular product required before buying. Ordering at Sachawild is only possible via the shopping cart system on our website. We do not accept orders by phone, fax, letter or email unless it is clearly indicated.

The descriptions, characteristics and illustrations of the insects displayed at www.sachawild.com are produced with the greatest of care but does not indicate the insects’ actual size, color or texture because it may vary slightly due to photographic equipment lighting. Errors can appear since the products shows at www.sachawild.com are not necessary the same you will receive. We therefore take no responsibility for such disparities, nor can the validity of the transaction be called into question.


Sex Features
M: Male C: CITES
F:  Female PP: Peruvian Protected Specimen
U: Undefined
P: Pair (M and F)

8.2 Product Status

Product status is either in-stock or sold-out. All specimens with a selling price and an order button are available. Please consider that the longer you wait with checking out your order or wishlist, the more items may be sold out in the meantime. If a certain item you are looking for is not in stock, try again later! Or, alternatively, you can create a 'Love-list'. Our stock changes very quickly.

We are not sure when sold-out specimens will arrive again. Sachawild don’t replay emails customer send us asking us for this status or for seeking for any specimen.

Orders are processed on a first come first served basis. 

8.3 Quality Chart

Insects are natural products so its quality can vary considerably. The quality chart below explains the gradings used for specimens in our shop store on www.sachawild.com:

A1 As perfect as you could reasonable expect from wild caught. A very good specimen.
A1- Almost pefect. A very minor flaw or so. Some times only antenna damage. This specimen could exceeds your expectations.
A- A very decent specimen. Flaws such as antenna damages, slight flight wear such as small scratches or slight fraying/chipping/bite around the edges of the wings.
A2 Very good second quality. Antenna or leg missing and significant damages such as major flight wear or staining, small rips, small pieces missing from the wings, damage to the thorax or abdomen.
A2- Definitely second quality. Appropiate for reference purpose only.

8.4 Morphos and Saturnidae Abdomens Removed

Most male Morphos or Saturnidaes specimens have the abdomens removed by  collectors from the field. It is done just in order to prevent greasy or stick its wings. For this reason, the abdomens are not sent with the specimens.

8.5 CITES and Peruvian Protected Specimens

Sachawild works within the framework of CITES (https://www.cites.org/) and the Peruvian Government authorities so in this way we do not sell any CITES or Peruvian protected species. Our insects are acquired and exported legally to many countries worldwide.

9 Pricing

All our prices and invoices are always in US dollars ($). Our minimum goods order is $100, no shipping costs included. The prices of the products published on our website are only valid as long as they appear in it. All rights are reserved for price changes or typing errors.

At no point can any amount submitted be considered as a deposit. No sales taxes are applied if you reside outside of Peru. The customer has the responsibility to verify in his country if it is legal or not to import any item prior to purchasing. All foreign taxes or import rights are the customer responsibility and have to be paid by the customer.

The customer may cancel its order provided that the order has not been shipped yet. In this case the customer must contact Sachawild via email sales@sachawild.com as soon as possible. Expenses or commissions for refund will apply, please for details refer to Chapter 12 of this Terms and Conditions document.

If you are a retailer, wholesale discounts may apply. Please send us an email to: sales@sachawild.com.


10 Method of Payment

Payment methods that can be used for ordering on www.sachawild.com are those provided by Alignet S.A.C. (https://www.alignet.com/) operator of "Pay-me" or Paypal payment gateways hired by Sachawild and those means of payment provided by the Sachawild itself. Sachawild reserves the right to contract payment gateways of other operators.

Sachawild reserves its right to change the status of the order at any time, provided that there is fraud evidence against the holder of the purchase or there is a systemic error that distorts the price of the products.

Our payment gateways use a secure process to authenticate the customer is the credit card owner. Once the order is completed, Sachawild could contact the user to ensure the proper and timely knowledge about the result of the order status, which will be indicated previously in the same site during the purchase operation.

The available payment methods are:

10.1. Credit Card (CC): Visa, MasterCard, AmericanExpress

The use of these credit cards will be subject to the provisions of these Terms and Conditions and to their respective Opening Contracts and Regulation of Use of its issuing Bank. In case of contradiction, what is expressed in the last instrument will prevail.

In case of the accepted credit cards, aspects of these, such as the date of issue, expiration, quota, locks, password, etc., are subject to the agreement between the client and the bank issuing the credit card. Sachawild have not any responsibility on the aspects indicated in those contracts. It should be noted that our website does not allow installment payments or payment with more than one card in a single purchase operation.

Your transaction is securely processed by any of our realtime payment gateways. We use Alignet S.A.C. (Pay-me) as our ‘real-time’ credit card payment gateways. Alignet are the Peruvian’s most popular online payment gateway. Once your transaction has been processed an invoice is issued to you instantly. You will see in your CC balance that you were charged by VPOS.ALIGNET.COM.

10.2. PayPal

Using PayPal to make payments is very easy, please visit the web site www.paypal.com in order to create your Paypal account.

10.3. Wire transfer

This payment method is applicable for orders equal or in excess of $ 2,000.00 and is not availble on our website. Discounts will apply, please details upon request to sales@sachawild.com. In this case, we will charge an additional $20 processing fee for each order.

After coordinate your request we will e-mail you the official pro-forma. Upon receiving your email confirmation or purchase order in case you are an enterprise, we will e-mail you an official pro-forma invoice including our bank account information for you to make the payments depending on our available stock at the time you sent the purchase order. Sachawild will preserve your available ordered products for five business days, but the order is automatically cancelled when the due date for payment expires and Sachawild reserves the right to nullify the agreement.

Once the deposit has been made in the Sachawild bank accounts, the customer must immediately contact to sales@sachawild.com to coordinate the shipment of their products. The shipment is subject to Sachawild confirmation for the validation of the deposit. This coordination is indispensable.


Customer is warned that the content of your shopping cart will be saved until your next visit, but not reserved and in case of any price change, items in your shopping cart will be adapted automatically. You can manage your love-list by clicking on 'Love' at the top of the page at www.sachawild.com. Items disappear from your love-list automatically the moment you order them. At the moment you want to order, just bring items from your love-list to your shopping cart. Please be aware that the longer you wait to check out your cart or selection list, the greater the possibility that some items may not be available any more.

11 Vouchers

Sachawild recognizes the loyalty of its customers or users so we have implemented vouchers that are issued from time to time.

12 Refund Conditions

Refund will be given as money back, vouchers or if available as a product replacement, this is at our discretion. In all cases, Sachawild must previously accepted the returned product. The refund given as a money back will depend on the payment method the customer used to pay the order and the refund time depend of the payment gateway operator.

Returned product can only be accepted if they have been previously authorized by Sachawild packing is undamaged and products are in the same condition as when shipped by Sachawild. Please remember that after a return is authorized to the customer, Sachawild will contact the customer to inform about the modality, terms, expenses or commissions to be discounted if applied.

For refund conditions about parcels that have not arrived, please see the 14 shipping section.

13 Peruvian Government Authorization

The Peruvian Government Authorization is a must in order to transport the parcels from our facility to the postage service for shipment. Sachawild consolidate the orders all Mondays at 08:59 AM in order to initiate the authorization process. All orders received after Monday 08:59 AM will be consolidated the following Monday.

All time reference made in this document is the Peruvian local time (GMT-5).

14 Shipping

All specimens are shipped dead, dried, and unset in individual paper envelopes. During the checkout process you can choose how you want to get your products shipped to you. In case you did not provide your correct address during the checkout process, the risk of shipment always will be yours, no matter which shipment option you have chosen, in this case there is not option to be refunded.

All paper envelopes are well packaged in strong shipping boxes with plenty of soft foam cushioning to protect them during transit. We ship across the globe via Serpost (http://www.serpost.com.pe), the peruvian post.

The shipping cost will be adjusted depending the destination of the order and the kind of mail service you will choose. By default our system use the USA country as a destination to show the shipment rates but you could change it adding your shipping address then shipping rates will be displayed at the checkout process before you pay your final order. 

The system used by Sachawild in order to calculate the shipment cost is up to 500 gr parcel weight based. If your parcel is unusually heavier then additional shipments cost will apply. In this scenery, Sachawild  will be in contact with the customer in order to coordinate the additional payment. 

If your order is considered lost Sachawild will initiate a claim process with SERPOST in order to investigate the reasons why the parcel have not arrived to you. Considering that SERPOST mail services we use are all certified and traceable, this scenery is very unusual. But remember that Customer is always responsible to provide us the right address. Sachawild and SERPOST are not liable or responsible if customer address is not reachable or if customer move to another house. In this sceneries refunds will be not recognized. If refunds are authorized, it will be take up to 02 months to be available for our customers but be notice that the shipment insurance cover only up to 50USD.

SERPOST and Sachawild will not be liable or responsible for any lost due to cases of force major. After delivery, the customer has seven days to contact us for any complaint.


The user may only request a change of shipping address before the Monday consolidation date. This request requires immediate coordination with Sachawild through our email sales@sachawild.com. Any change in direction is subject to additional costs that will be assumed by the Customer.

Be aware that an aleatory package Custom’s inspection could be happen. Some cases, this inspection could damage some specimens, it is a very rare case, but could be happen. In this case,  Sachawild and Customer assume 50/50 of the specimens quality value lost. When Customer realize its package has been opened by a Custom we recommend Customer take some photos of the package before open it. Then, if Customer discover some damaged specimens, Customer must inform it immediately to Sachawild sending photos of the damages butterflies and proofs that the package has been opened by a Custom. After Sachawild accept the Custom’s inspection damage, it will bring to Customer a voucher equivalent to the 50% of the quality value lost for the damaged specimens. The voucher will be released to the Customer between the next seven (07) calendar days after Sachawild accept the Custom’s damage. Quality value lost for each specimen’s damaged is calculated by Sachawild as the value paid for customer minus the value of the new specimen’s quality.

15 Shipping Date

Once your payment is received and after Sachawild get the transport authorization document from the Peruvian Government authorities, all ordered specimens are prepared, packet and then mailed. All orders will be sent individually. Shipping times can vary depending on peruvian customs SUNAT (http://www.sunat.gob.pe) organisation that check the parcels before shipment.

In our experience, your order will be shipped to you within ten (10) or fifteen (15) working days of receipt your order - unless indicated otherwise by Sachawild.

Peruvian authorities, mail or custom service may take longer at busy times of the year such as Peruvian National Holidays, Christmas or delays due to quarantines or strikes or even delays due to its internal processes. Any eventual delays will not result in compensation, withholding of payment or cancellation of the order by the customer. The customer will be emailed when the order has been shipped.

16 Guarantees


All specimens offered by us have assigned a quality grade that is guaranteed as described in our quality chart. Please refer to the 8.3 Quality Chart chapter in this document.

After delivery, the customer must inspect all the products immediately and must inform to Sachawild any claim of non-conformity. The only way customer have to make a claim is using our Contact Us form within the buyer protection period writing the description of discrepancies and the Order ID. Any claim made after this period or using other ways will be rejected. Sachawild advice to our customers to read carefully the description of our quality chart before to make any claim.

Evidence of the non-conformity or damages must be given in order Sachawild could authorize the return of the products, such evidences must be detailed good quality photographs. The customer is always responsible for return. The return is a must in order to proceed with a refund or product replacements (if stock is available). Shipping costs for returned items will be paid by the customer.

IMPORTANT: Ship the item back to Sachawild within 5 business days of the Sachawild´s return authorization. If you haven't sent the item back after 10 business days, your order will be closed automatically without option to claim, to refund or to replace. 

Sachawild is unable to accept returns for the following:

        1.Change of mind.

        2.Returned items shipped after 10 business days of the Sachawild´s return authorization.

        3.Items are returned without Sachawild approval.

        4.Items arrive in a distressed condition ( i.e. not as per emailed image ) due to inadequate  packaging.

17 Applicable Laws

The present Terms and Conditions are under the jurisdiction of the state of Peru. In the event of a dispute, the consumer should first and foremost contact Sachawild so as to find an amicable solution.

18 Intellectual Property

All content included or made available on the site www.sachawild.com as text, graphics, logos, icons, images, videos, audio files, digital downloads and other information are ZADEZA S.A.C. property. In this sense, the user must refrain from extract and / or reuse whole or in part such content and is prohibited from use without the prior written consent of ZADEZA S.A.C.

Feel free to contact us for further support regarding our Terms and Conditions

Thank you for visiting the www.sachawild.com website.

19 Contact


P.O.Box 2002


Tel: (511)-250-2477

e-mail: sales@sachawild.com



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